Midtown Buzz Mobile is a site that incorporates web elements in an augmented reality browser to give users an inside look at some of the stories and developments in the Midtown area. You can view videos, articles, photos, and other media presented over a 360 degree panorama of Midtown locations. If you're at the locations featured, you can turn off the provided panorama image and experience the augmented reality with your device's real view camera.



Setting up the browser:


1. Navigate to the app store on your iOS device


2. Search for “Argon Isotope” and download the program


3. Open Argon Isotope from your home screen

4. Hold your device in landscape orientation for best experience


5. Copy the url into the address bar:


6. Press “Go” when ready to launch the webpage

7. Once the page has loaded, press the arrow button in the top right bar to hide the address bar and see everything on the page




Navigating the site:

Select any of the colored menu icons to view content

    Map - provides a map of current locations where AR media is located

    Tower - leads to the viewing portal for the 811 Peachtree development project

    Heart - opens Midtown Alliance webpage

    Bicycle - provides several ways of experiencing bicycling in Midtown Atlanta

    Bus - offers links to several Atlanta public transit apps

    M Honeycomb - links to the Midtown Buzz website


Some icons open submenus for navigating content:

-Options with the binoculars icon have AR content that can be viewed on the street

-These options will provide a map indicating the best place to stand when viewing its content out in Midtown. To refer back to this map while in street view select the map button in the lower right corner of the screen.

-Press the binoculars button in street view to turn off the panorama image and enable the device’s camera

-Tap the honeycomb icon in the top left corner to return to the main menu


Argon Isotope and its featured content are currently in beta stages and are still undergoing testing and development. Thank you for trying it out!




Tip: Select and copy the web address for the menu - this will allow you to quickly enter the menu address and return to the page in the case of technical difficulties.

Q: I can’t run Argon on my device! Why not?

A: At this time Argon Isotope is only supported on iOS devices equipped with iOS7 or higher (iPhone 4s or newer, newer models of iPad). A version of Argon for iOS and Android is planned for future release. If you do have a device that is compatible with Argon, check your Internet connection; iPhones and some iPads equipped with 3G or 4G can access our content when wifi is unavailable.

Q: I’m stuck on a page and there’s no back/menu button. How do I get back to the menu?

A: Some pages do not have back capability. If you are on one of these pages and wish to return to the main menu, enter the site address in the address bar and press “Go” to navigate back to that page.

Q: Some of the overlaid content doesn’t line up correctly/ the perspective of the overlaid content doesn’t look right. Why is that?

A: The current positioning system places overlay media in the space around you relative to your device (similar to the solar system, with the overlay media as planets and your device as the Sun in the middle). In future versions, media content will be placed and detected using GPS so they can be viewed from any angle. Press the map button in your viewing window while looking at AR content to pull up a map indicating the best spot to stand for media to line up.

Q: I can’t see the AR content! Where is it?

A: Depending on your data stream the AR media may take time to load. Usually all media popups will appear once the panorama image renders. Also try turning around slowly and looking up & down with your device; content can be placed 360 degrees around you and above/below you. Keep in mind there is limited content currently available but more is in development for the next release.

Q: Everything is jittery and hard to read. How can I see the content better?

A: Argon Isotope uses the gyroscope in your device to orient the content around you. Try steadying your device by holding it with 2 hands or holding it while resting your arms on a surface. Pop up content will remain centered in the screen so you can set your device down while keeping the media in view.

Q: I can turn off the panorama image but when I hit the button again it won’t reappear. How do I get it back?

A: This version of the program does not allow for the panorama image to be turned back on using the panorama button. To view the panorama image again exit the page using the menu or map buttons and then navigate back to the page you wish to see.

Q: The browser froze: what do I do?

A: Argon Isotope is a work in progress and will occasionally crash. To restart Argon, press the Home button twice on your iOS device, swipe to the Argon program preview, and swipe the preview window up and away. Press the Home button again to return to the normal Home screen and open Argon from your library of apps. Enter the url for the page and press “Go” to return to the menu screen.


Oct 17 2014 - 9:00am
The Buckhead Theatre, 3110 Roswell Rd. NE, Atlanta

TEDxPeachtree is back at the exquisitely restored Buckhead Theatre. A capacity crowd of the city’s thinkers and doers will come together to celebrate innovations in medicine, design, space, urban development, biology, technology and more.

Oct 17 2014 - 6:00pm
AT&T Foundry, 75 5th St. NW Suite 110 , Atlanta

Come to an AT&T Public Safety Mobile App Hackathon to find out how. With the adoption of 4G LTE, law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel will finally leverage the same high-speed data networks the general public uses every day.

Oct 29 2014 - 5:00pm
Technology Square Research Building, 2nd Floor, 85 5th Street, Atlanta

Technology that is changing the scope and quality of many human interactions - including healthcare, social networking, education and civic engagement - is being created at the GVU Center. We invite you to explore and interact with that future technology at the Oct.

Nov 11 2014 - 1:00pm
Georgia Tech Global Learning Center, 84 5th St. NW, Atlanta

Georgia Tech’s Institute for People and Technology hosts its annual People & Technology Forum on November 11-12, 2014 at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center.

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